Stepping Into Velvet

This Is Not Your 90s Velvet

For those of us who wore velvet in the 90s, watching it come back into mainstream 2017 is part nostalgic and part terrifying. For months I swore this was a trend that was just going to have to pass me by. I’ve had too many flashbacks to former outfits. However, seeing some of the new styles is starting to change my mind. I finally caved and bought my 14 year old a velvet t-shirt only to see the 52 year old news anchor on our local tv station wearing the same top. I actually liked it on the news anchor, so I’ve decided to try velvet again.

fall velvet booties how to wear

Jumping In or Testing the Water

As with any trend, if you’re unsure of whether you’re into it and you want to slowly incorporate it into your wardrobe, start with accessories. Shoes are always an easy way to start wearing a trend which is why I would recommend you try velvet shoes if you are interested in wearing velvet. I loved the style of these velvet booties, and they’re surprisingly comfortable. They work dressed up or dressed down, and they have definitely convinced me to give more velvet a try. 

fall velvet booties how to wear

Work It Girl

I think velvet can feel instantly overdressed, but I’ve been really surprised at the versatility of the new styles out this season. To dress your velvet items down and make them work for every day, pair it with trendy silhouettes like a bomber jacket, booties and jeans. 

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