Hi, I’m Jennifer, a proud Texan whose 15+ years in digital development and marketing have given me a unique perspective on the corporate world and women’s needs on both sides of the fence – professional and personal.

I’m also single mom fueled by strong coffee, loud laughter and a great group of friends.  I use bobby pins only slightly less than oxygen and I have yet to meet a latte or cupcake I didn’t like.

I hope Mighty Branch feels like your best friend, through a blog. My whole inspiration to start this shindig in the first place grew from wanting to create a space where women could go to feel a sense of community and connection. It’s meant to be genuine, aspirational and real. We are the mighty branch that supports all women.

Think of Mighty Branch as your go-to space for being more authentically joyful and inspired to live your best life, all with a cup of coffee or glass of Cabernet in hand.  Here you’ll find everyday style inspiration, lifestyle tips and #RealTalk inspiration (because we never shy away from a good girl chat).

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