Hi! Welcome to Mighty Branch.

Since its inception, Mighty Branch has focused on serving up inspiration from a real girl’s perspective on a little bit of everything: style, career, home and personal inspiration.

I started Mighty Branch because I believe we deserve to seek out our own joy, and success, and I also know that each of us are brave, and smart and kind and badass.

This site is based on things I randomly discuss with my girlfriends, so the goal is that you leave here with the same feeling… like you just had coffee, or a kitchen vent session, with one of your best friends.

Whether it’s what we should wear this weekend (or to that office meeting), why men can’t plan more than 10 minutes in advance, a must-try concealer, or how the heck to balance it all (spoiler alert: it’s impossible… just embrace the chaos!), or how you can achieve success and joy in your own lives… you’ll find it all here.

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